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Coping with Anxiety In Children

Having a child that suffers from crippling anxiety can be incredibly hard. It's like the once energetic, carefree child you knew and loved has been replaced by someone much less certain of their place in the world.

As a parent, your heart aches to see them in pain and you desperately want to help - but it can feel so overwhelming as there are no easy answers.

A words spelling out "anxiety" on a wooden surface, highlighting the importance of offering understanding and empathy when talking about mental health.
Showing empathy and understanding can help build trust, allowing for better communication in difficult times.

You find yourself googling " kids anxiety" or "anxiety in kids" for advice, endlessly searching for a solution, even though everybody knows not to "follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole". You seek guidance from counsellors and try to change the way conversations happen at home so that your child feels heard and validated.

It's heartbreaking sending them off to school in tears, feeling like you're sending them into an adventure akin to the Hogwarts Triwizard Cup - only for them to have to face something far scarier than a Chinese Fireball Dragon.


One second life is great and full of excitement, but without warning things can take an unexpected turn and feel like you're stuck in a real-life version of Jumanji.