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Leesolife is made up of 4 super awesome and crazy peeps. Andrew, Bec, Nate and Aria.

Andrew works away a lot for work, Bec owns 2 businesses, Nate loves all things Lego and gaming, and Aria loves, well…… we’re not too sure yet! But we know that she loves to keeps us on our toes.

We absolutely love to travel and adventure. Disneyland and theme parks are our favourite places as we crave the excitement, fun, and magic that these places provide. But that’s not to say we don’t enjoy getting out and learning about new cultures, and experiencing the amazing wonders that the world has to offer.

Before kids we travelled quite a bit. New York, Vegas, Los Angeles, Florida, London, Singapore, Paris, Rome, Germany, Bali, and back a few times.

Since having kids we have experienced RV life, and camper life, visited Japan, Singapore, Washington DC, San Diego and Disney another couple of times. LOL. Our kids have been incredibly lucky to visit the places they have.

Right now, we’re planning a few weeks in Japan to really experience the culture as its one that we love. And to take a road trip throughout Europe.

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